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Glass Beadmaking - introduction to working with hot glass

Sa 14th and Su 15th May 2021

taught by JanHein van Stiphout.

This workshop serves as an introduction to working with hot glass through bead making. To make glass beads, the glass is heated at a torch to over 1000°C. This makes the special experience of working with liquid glass accessible to everyone. How pliable is liquid glass? What is the effect of transparent vs. opaque glass? How can this technique be extended to applications other than bead making?

Topics include:
- Making round, conical and cylinder shaped beads.
- Building up a disc.
- Making and using stringers and twisters.
- Placing dots and raking glass.
- Making flowers and using murrini’s.

Hands-on practice will be supported by the necessary theory. This workshop aims to teach skills rather than being focused on producing specific products. It’s intended for beginners.

Level: From 0 (lampworking).

Workshop hours: from 10:00 – 17:00 (registration is only possible for both days)

Costs: EUR 200.00 (includes materials and the use of necessary tools, lunch and taxes)

Location: Stipglas, Utrechtsestraat 6,Tilburg (The Netherlands)

Registration: call or email, Registrationform

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Glass Beadmaking - introduction

Working with borosilicate glass

taught by Jörg Hanowski (D).

Sa 21st and Su 22nd May 2022

Working with borosilicate glass is a completely different experience from working with soft glass. And working with tubes instead of rods is also completely different. You’ll have the opportunity to be exposed to both in this workshop. Under Jörg Hanowski’s expert guidance, you’ll make 3-D fantasy figures using borosilicate tubes. The level of difficulty will depend on your own experience and your progress during the workshop. Because of the individual coaching this workshop is open to all levels from beginners through advanced. There’s room for maximum 8 students and we’ll work on oxygen torches (with O2 tanks!).

Though trained as a technical glassblower, Jörg Hanowski has predominantly made his name in the art world. With his glass objects, including also neon installations, he’s pulled in numerous international glass awards. And further he regularly creates glass works for colleague-artists.
For more information about Jörg Hanowski, visit his website:

Workshop hours: Sa 221st May 2022 11.00 - 18.00 hrs and Su 22nd May 2022 10:00 - 17:00 hrs.

Level: From 0 (lampworking).

Costs: EUR 250,-, including use of torches / ovens and tools, a basic amount of glass and materials, annealing costs, lunch and taxes but excluding special glass.

Location: Stipglas, Utrechtsestraat 6,Tilburg (centre)

Registration: call or mail. Registrationform

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Jörg Hanowski Jörg Hanowski

The blown hollow bead

taught by JanHein van Stiphout (NL)

Friday, 10th June, 2022

With the use of a blowing mandrel, a hollow bead can be made even bigger and lighter than with the traditional method by “blowing out” the bead. Learning how to distribute the glass properly is critical. The ability to make hollow beads is a prerequisite for participation in this workshop. Otherwise registration for the February 8th workshop is required.

As an artist, JanHein van Stiphout works with multiple glass techniques. For more information on his work see:

Level: from 1 (lampworking)

Workshop hours: from 10.00 - 17.00.

Cost: EUR 150,- (blowing mandrel included); EUR 240,- in combination with Sunday 20th February 2022 (includes basic materials and the use of necessary tools, lunch and taxes).

Registration: call or email, Registrationform

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The blown hollow bead The blown hollow bead

Fusing with float glass

Sa 12th and Su 13th November 2022

taught by Uschi Ullmann.

Fusing with float glass is a specialty within the glass fusing technique. Float glass, also known as window glass, is mainly available in clear. A number of products have been specifically developed for float glass to be able to add color to your projects such as powders, various sizes of frit granules, confetti, stringers, roundels and squares – and all of this in about 40 colors (opaque or transparent). Our teacher, Uschi Ullmann, co-developed these colored glass products and understands them like no one else. Because this glass requires a different design approach, the focus of this hands-on workshop will include designconsiderations, a departure from what Stipglas usually does. Under Uschi’s expert guidance you’ll explore the extensive possibilities this glass offers while you also learn about the technical aspects of this float-glass compatible color palette.

Uschi lives and works in Germany; she was trained at the Glasfachschule in Zwiesel (1977-1980) and besides German, speaks fluent English and Spanish.

Workshop hours: from 10:00 – 17:00 (registration is only possible for both days)

Level: from 1 (kiln technique)

Costs: EUR 250,- (includes glass and the use of necessary tools, lunch and taxes)

Location: Stipglas, Utrechtsestraat 6,Tilburg (The Netherlands)

Registration: call or email, Registrationform

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Fusing with float glassFusing with float glass